Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0

Danowski P, Bergmann J eds. 2010. Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0, De Gruyter, 405p.

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Danowski, PatrickISTA ; Bergmann, Julia
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Bibliotheks- und Informationspraxis
With the term "Library 2.0" the editors mean an institution which applies the principles of the Web 2.0 such as openness, re-use, collaboration and interaction in the entire organization. Libraries are extending their service offerings and work processes to include the potential of Web 2.0 technologies. This changes the job description and self-image of librarians. The collective volume offers a complete overview of the topic Library 2.0 and the current state of developments from a technological, sociological, information theoretical and practice-oriented perspective.
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Danowski P, Bergmann J, eds. Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0. Vol 41. De Gruyter; 2010. doi:10.1515/9783110232103
Danowski, P., & Bergmann, J. (Eds.). (2010). Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0 (Vol. 41). De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110232103
Danowski, Patrick, and Julia Bergmann, eds. Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0. Vol. 41. Bibliothekspraxis. De Gruyter, 2010. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110232103.
P. Danowski and J. Bergmann, Eds., Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0, vol. 41. De Gruyter, 2010.
Danowski P, Bergmann J eds. 2010. Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0, De Gruyter, 405p.
Danowski, Patrick, and Julia Bergmann, editors. Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0. Vol. 41, De Gruyter, 2010, doi:10.1515/9783110232103.
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