Inversions and Evolution

Westram AM, Faria R, Butlin R, Johannesson K. 2020.Inversions and Evolution. In: eLS. .

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Westram, Anja MISTA ; Faria, Rui; Butlin, Roger; Johannesson, Kerstin
Inversions are chromosomal rearrangements where the order of genes is reversed. Inversions originate by mutation and can be under positive, negative or balancing selection. Selective effects result from potential disruptive effects on meiosis, gene disruption at inversion breakpoints and, importantly, the effects of inversions as modifiers of recombination rate: Recombination is strongly reduced in individuals heterozygous for an inversion, allowing for alleles at different loci to be inherited as a ‘block’. This may lead to a selective advantage whenever it is favourable to keep certain combinations of alleles associated, for example under local adaptation with gene flow. Inversions can cover a considerable part of a chromosome and contain numerous loci under different selection pressures, so that the resulting overall effects may be complex. Empirical data from various systems show that inversions may have a prominent role in local adaptation, speciation, parallel evolution, the maintenance of polymorphism and sex chromosome evolution.
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Westram AM, Faria R, Butlin R, Johannesson K. Inversions and Evolution. In: ELS. Wiley; 2020. doi:10.1002/9780470015902.a0029007
Westram, A. M., Faria, R., Butlin, R., & Johannesson, K. (2020). Inversions and Evolution. In eLS. Wiley.
Westram, Anja M, Rui Faria, Roger Butlin, and Kerstin Johannesson. “Inversions and Evolution.” In ELS. Wiley, 2020.
A. M. Westram, R. Faria, R. Butlin, and K. Johannesson, “Inversions and Evolution,” in eLS, Wiley, 2020.
Westram AM, Faria R, Butlin R, Johannesson K. 2020.Inversions and Evolution. In: eLS. .
Westram, Anja M., et al. “Inversions and Evolution.” ELS, Wiley, 2020, doi:10.1002/9780470015902.a0029007.


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