Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics

Osang GF. 2021. Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics. Klosterneuburg: IST Austria.

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In this thesis we study persistence of multi-covers of Euclidean balls and the geometric structures underlying their computation, in particular Delaunay mosaics and Voronoi tessellations. The k-fold cover for some discrete input point set consists of the space where at least k balls of radius r around the input points overlap. Persistence is a notion that captures, in some sense, the topology of the shape underlying the input. While persistence is usually computed for the union of balls, the k-fold cover is of interest as it captures local density, and thus might approximate the shape of the input better if the input data is noisy. To compute persistence of these k-fold covers, we need a discretization that is provided by higher-order Delaunay mosaics. We present and implement a simple and efficient algorithm for the computation of higher-order Delaunay mosaics, and use it to give experimental results for their combinatorial properties. The algorithm makes use of a new geometric structure, the rhomboid tiling. It contains the higher-order Delaunay mosaics as slices, and by introducing a filtration function on the tiling, we also obtain higher-order α-shapes as slices. These allow us to compute persistence of the multi-covers for varying radius r; the computation for varying k is less straight-foward and involves the rhomboid tiling directly. We apply our algorithms to experimental sphere packings to shed light on their structural properties. Finally, inspired by periodic structures in packings and materials, we propose and implement an algorithm for periodic Delaunay triangulations to be integrated into the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (CGAL), and discuss the implications on persistence for periodic data sets.
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Osang GF. Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics. 2021. doi:10.15479/AT:ISTA:9056
Osang, G. F. (2021). Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics. IST Austria, Klosterneuburg.
Osang, Georg F. “Multi-Cover Persistence and Delaunay Mosaics.” IST Austria, 2021.
G. F. Osang, “Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics,” IST Austria, Klosterneuburg, 2021.
Osang GF. 2021. Multi-cover persistence and Delaunay mosaics. Klosterneuburg: IST Austria.
Osang, Georg F. Multi-Cover Persistence and Delaunay Mosaics. IST Austria, 2021, doi:10.15479/AT:ISTA:9056.
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