Proteomic Analysis of C. Elegans Neurons Using TurboID-Based Proximity Labeling

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Yamamoto, Daisuke
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The proteomes of specialized structures, and the interactomes of proteins of interest, provide entry points to elucidate the functions of molecular machines. Here, we review a proximity-labeling strategy that uses the improved E. coli biotin ligase TurboID to characterize C. elegans protein complexes. Although the focus is on C. elegans neurons, the method is applicable regardless of cell type. We describe detailed extraction procedures that solubilize the bulk of C. elegans proteins and highlight the importance of tagging endogenous genes, to ensure physiological expression levels. We review issues associated with non-specific background noise and the importance of appropriate controls. As proof of principle, we review our analysis of the interactome of a presynaptic active zone protein, ELKS-1. Our aim is to provide a detailed protocol for TurboID-based proximity labeling in C. elegans and to highlight its potential and its limitations to characterize protein complexes and subcellular compartments in this animal.
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Behavioral Neurogenetics
We thank de Bono lab members for the helpful comments on the manuscript. The biotin-auxotrophic E. coli strain MG1655bioB:kan was a generous gift from J. Cronan (University of Illinois) and was kindly sent to us by Jessica Feldman and Ariana Sanchez (Stanford University). dg398 pEntryslot2_mNeongreen::3XFLAG::stop and dg397 pEntryslot3_mNeongreen::3XFLAG::stop::unc-54 3’UTR entry vector were kindly sent by Dr. Dominique Glauser (University of Fribourg). This work was supported by an Advanced ERC Grant (269058 ACMO) and a Wellcome Investigator Award (209504/Z/17/Z) to MdB and an ISTplus Fellowship to MA (Marie Sklodowska-Curie agreement No 754411).


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